2013 Internship in Germany

2013 Internship in Germany


Pongpol Hussein : Software and Knowledge Engineering Program , Thai Student (SKE08)

2013 Internship at Hagen University, Germany

” While living abroad during this internship, I’ve learnt to be more professional in my work and take 

greater responsible for myself. I also had to make great personal adjustments as the German people

are very punctual. I think this was a very good experience; I could improve my programming skills and

enjoy my cultural experiences in German at the same time.”

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For further information about Internship Life in Germany, you can read in our student blog.





Ronrati Kotrapooh: Software and Knowledge Engineering Program , Thai Student (SKE08)

2013 Internship at Telecom Bertagne in France

“I am very impressed with my internship; it was a very good and worthwhile experience. I was able to get involved in new kinds

of projects that were completely new to me.  In addition, I love living in different cultures and environments. I met a lot of international

students from various countries.  My most impressive cultural experience was living in Brest, France, a very beautiful city.

Once we are acquainted with the French people, they are very nice and treat us like family. My French friends often invited me to

their homes. I also enjoyed French food – especially the desserts!”






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