Joint Degree Programs

International Joint Degree Programs

Prof.Thomas and Mr.Thanakorn at Leicester University in December 2013

A joint-degree program is defined as a program that is mutually sponsored and conferred by at least two institutions leading to a single credential or degree.  The quality of program delivery then becomes  a shared responsibility of the institutions in agreement.

Presently, we have 3 joint degree programs  namely: the 3+1 scheme- where a student needs to study at KU for 3 years and to study at the partner University; the 3+1 +M scheme- where  a student studies in KU for 3 years and 1 year in the partner University to obtain a KU Bachelor’s degree and by furthering its research for another year, the student then obtains a Master’s degree from the partner University;  the third  scheme is the 3 + M program – where a student  completes all undergraduate courses required at KU for 3 years and 1 year to complete the requirements for a Master’s degree at the partner University.  This third program is designed for exceptionally motivated  students who are able to carry on much heavier load than most normal students to be able to fulfill both Bachelor and Master’s degree requirements within the normal   4-year timeframe.   The first two programs mentioned are being offered by KU in partnership with either Leicester University or Newcastle University, at UK, whereas, the third scheme is offered in partnership with Birmingham city University at UK. 

Additionally, a distant learning program leading to a Master of Science degree in Power Plant Engineering is now on offer in cooperation with the University of Strathclyde of Scotland.  Through this program, KU graduates and working students need not spend much to study abroad; they can attend the University of Strathclyde instructors’ modular classes right here at the KU classrooms. To obtain the degree though, students will need to take and pass the examinations of the classes completed in Scotland, which are given and scheduled yearly by the University Examiners. 

Note: *Currently, our partners in these programs are Leicester University and Newcastle University, UK and FPT University in Vietnam.  More international joint degree programs with other partner universities will be established.