IE - Course Description

IE - Course Description

Industrial Engineering : Course Description

01206221      Applied Probability and Statistics for Engineers                         3(3-0-6)

Prerequisite: 01417168

Probability, expected value and common probability distributions, sampling distributions, statistical inference for one-and-two sample problems, regression analysis, analysis of variance and their applications to industrial systems.

01206222       Applied Mathematics for Industrial Engineers                           3(3-0-6)

Prerequisite: 01417267

Mathematical model building, numerical linear algebra, fourier series and transform, closed form and numerical solutions for ordinary and partial differential equations, analysis of linear system under random parameters.

01206223     Introduction to Experimental Design for Engineers                     3(3-0-6)

Prerequisite: 01206221

Design of experiment, analysis of variance, multiple linear regression analysis, factorial experiment, fractional factorial experiment.

01206251      Engineering Economy                                                         3(3-0-6)

Analysis of economic aspects for engineering decisions under certainty and uncertainty, methods of measurement of equivalent value based on total investment analysis and incremental investmentanalysis, applications of replacement analysis, break-even analysis and government project analysisincluding effects of income taxes.

01206311           Manufacturing Processes I                                                    3(3-0-6)

Prerequisite: 01213211

Fundamental of manufacturing processes: foundry, forming, welding, powder metallurgy, hot and cold forming, cutting, turning, shaping, drilling, milling, surface finishing, gear manufacturing, rapid prototyping. Measurement and inspection.

01206312      Industrial Study                                                                 1(0-3-2)

         Industrial plant visits, data collection and analysis for problem solving, and reporting with presentations.

01206321      Operations Research for Engineers I                                      3(3-0-6)

Prerequisite: 01206221

Techniques for solving deterministic problems: mathematical modeling, linear programming and dual problems, network models, inventory models, transportation and transshipment problems, assignment problems. Techniques for solving non-deterministic problems: decision making under uncertainty and risk, Games theory, critical path method for project management.

01206322       Quality Control                                                                  3(3-0-6)

Prerequisite: 01206221

Quality concepts, evolution of quality control methods, quality planning and control in production process, statistical quality control, control charts, process capability, quality inspection, sampling, and quality improvement tools, reliability engineering in manufacturing, quality assurance, quality engineering, and related quality standards.

01206341      Industrial Work Study                                                                   3(3-0-6)


Principles of elements of works, analysis of production process by using of production process chart, flow process, man-machine chart, micro motion study, SIMO chart, work improvement and job design including applications of principles of motion economy, standardization of works operations, work sampling, time study principles, direct time study and elemental time data, determination of allowance factor and the use of standard time in establishing various production-based incentive schemes.

01206342       Production Planning and Control                                            3(3-0-6)

Prerequisite: 01206321

Production planning and control system, forecasting techniques, inventory management, cost and profit analysis for decision making, production scheduling, production control, modern techniques in production planning and control.


01206343      Industrial Plant Design                                                        3(3-0-6)

Prerequisite: 01206341

Industrial plant design and layout techniques: plant location, product analysis, factors and causes influencing new layout; data collection and analysis; developing and presentation of layout considering employees, equipment, supporting system, material handling system, storage, and environmental surrounding.

01206361     Computer Applications for Industrial Engineers                          3(3-0-6)

                  Prerequisite: 01206321

Problems in industrial engineering and operational research, analysis and solving all or parts of the problems by applications of computer programs available, presentation by oral and written reports.

01206362      Automatic Production System                                                                            4(3-3-8)


Structure and work principle of measuring instrument for pressure, flow rate, and temperature. Pneumatic and electrical pneumatic systems. Hydraulic and electrical hydraulic systems. Programming of Programmable Logic Controller for controlling electrical pneumatic and electrical hydraulic systems. CNC machines.

01206381      Industrial Engineering Laboratory                                         1(0-3-2)

Prerequisite: 01206221

Laboratory on work study, quality control, statistical experiment, use of measuring equipment in industry and mechanical machinery, plastic and other metal forming.

01206390      Co-operative Education Preparation for Engineers                    3(3-0-6)

Principles and concepts of co-operative education. Preparation for working with others; ethics in profession; communication and human relation; work safety and first-aid techniques; work planning and management; efficiency, effectiveness and evaluation of work; report writingand presentation.


01206399*     Internship                                                                         1

Internshipfor Industrial Engineering in private enterprises, government agencies, government entreprises or academic places at least 240 hours and at least30 workdays.

01206401      Introduction to Safety Engineering                                        1(1-0-2)

Basic principles of accidents, safety and safety management, technology and safety in workplaces, principles and methods for preventing fire accident in industries, safety laws in factories and occupational health management system.

01206411           Industrial Instrumentation and Measurement                                   3(3-0-6)

Prerequisite: 01206221

The characteristics and use of analog and digital instrumentation applicable to industrial engineering problems, basic measurement theory, concepts of mechanical, electrical sensors, transducers, signal conditioning and recording devices, analysis of experimental data using statistical methods.

01206412      Tool Engineering                                                               3(3-0-6)

Prerequisite: 01206311

Theory of metal cutting, cutting tools, coolants, measurement standard, metrology, accuracy in measurement, jig and fixture, punch and die design.

01206413      Industrial Pollution                                                                       3(3-0-6)

Prerequisite: 01206311

Industrial pollution; air pollution, waste water, solid waste, hazardous waste and noise with emphasis on sources, cause and effects, control, treatment and disposal methods, environmental management system, waste minimization, duties and punishment according to Thailand’s environmental laws.

01206414      Manufacturing Processes I                                                   3(3-0-6)

Prerequisite: 01206311

Selection of materials, machines and manufacturing processes, production planning and control, quality control and measurement, selection of supporting equipment and systems, numerical control, automation, computer aided for flexible manufacturing.

01206421      Simulation                                                                        3(3-0-6)

Prerequisite: 01206321

Stochastic simulation, Monte Carlo techniques, random number generation techniques, verification of simulation model, and computer application to simulation problems.

01206422       Industrial Quality Assurance                                                         3(3-0-6)

Prerequisite: 01206322

Quality assurance principles, market and customer needs and requirements, product development and management, sourcing and supplier relation, quality assurance in manufacturing process, customer service and relations, product liability and warranty, consumer protection, quality cost and information system, quality audit.

01206423      Advanced Experimental Design for Engineers                           3(3-0-6)


Quality improvement techniques, relationship between factors in the industrial systems and their problems, statistical analysis and design of control in industrial work, advanced mathematical models, response surface methodology, and Taguchi method.

01206424      Quality Engineering                                                                     3(3-0-6)

Prerequisite: 01206322

Quality engineering concepts, product design and specification, process design and planning, engineering process control, inspection and gauging, metrology technologies and calibration, measurement system analysis, engineering quality improvement, applications of computer in quality engineering.

01206425      Operations Research for Engineers II                                     3(3-0-6)

Prerequisite: 01206321

                             Techniques for solving non-linear programming problems: binary

                             programming, integer programming, geometric programming, dynamic

                             programming, branch and bound technique. Queuing theory. Techniques for

                             solving probabilistic problems: Markov chain and simulation model.

01206431      Industrial Management                                                        3(3-0-6)

Industrial organization and management concepts and theories of management, problem analysis and problem solving process, organizational theories, function of management, controlling and performance evaluation, motivational tools, leadership, ethics and responsibility of engineers, behavior modification and interpersonal skills.

01206432      Management Information System for Engineers                      3(3-0-6)


The role of the information system in the management and decision making process, detailed development of management information systems through planning, design and implementation, introduction to information theory, the value of information, the information system and changes in the organization, examples and applications.

01206441      Engineering Risk Analysis                                                             3(3-0-6)

Prerequisite: 01206221 and 01206251    

Engineering risk management, types and classifical of risk from both internal and external factors, tools and techniques for system analysis, internal control system reduce and prevent error of designed system.

01206442      Energy Management                                                          3(3-0-6)

Prerequisite: 01206341

Energy conservation in industrial plants; audit and analysis of energy consumptions of lighting, air-conditioned, heat energy, air compression, and electrical systems; materials and products balance chart; techniques for energy conservation; value engineering applications in energy conservation.

01206443      Ergonomics                                                                      3(3-0-6)

Prerequisite: 01206341

Concepts of products and services designs, process design, injury prevention and workplace design; principles of anthropometry, human sensory, physiology and psychology of human being emphasis on customers and blue-and white-collar workers in organizations.

01206444      Industrial Forecasting                                                        3(3-0-6)

Prerequisite: 01206221

General approaches to forecasting and analysis of industrial trends, quantitative and statistical methods, industrial projects development, case study and forecasting simulation.


          01206445      Inventory Control                                                             3(3-0-6)

Prerequisite: 01206321

Study of inventory systems: deterministic and probabilistic models, fixed versus variable reorderinterval, dynamic and multistage models, statistical forecasting of demands and lead times, effects on the inventory models.  

01206446      Value Engineering                                                               3(3-0-6)

Prerequisite: 01206311

Introduction to value engineering methodology, applications of value engineering methodology to product analysis, product design and manufacturing processes, study of material costs in order to achieve cost improvement without loss of product value, case studies and problems discussion.

01206447      Productivity Measurement and Management                            3(3-0-6)

Prerequisite: 01206341

Concepts, tools, and techniques for productivity measurement at the organizational, functional and individual levels; measure index, information grouping and reporting, information analysis for decisions and improvement. Integrating productivity with performance measurement: profitability, quality, quality of work life, innovation, effectiveness, and efficiency.

01206448      Shop Floor Control                                                              3(3-0-6)


Concepts of modern production control, production control system, techniques and process of production planning and control with emphasis on manufacturing scheduling.

01206451      Industrial and Commercial Laws                                            3(3-0-6)

The relationship between laws and business, the laws relating to industrial and commercial operation: factory laws, hazard-material laws, labor laws, environmental laws, laws of production and industrial product standards, and laws relating to engineering profession.


          01206452      Industrial Cost Analysis                                                      3(3-0-6)

Prerequisite: 01206221

Basic concepts of financial accounting, financial analysis and cost accounting. Cost concepts, traditional costing and activity – based costing, cost estimation, cost-volume-profit analysis, master budgeting, and capital budgeting. Cost system, job costing, process costing, and cost allocation.

01206453      Industrial Project Feasibility Study                                         3(3-0-6)

Prerequisite: 01206251

Basic knowledge for preparation, analysis and appraisal of industrial projects feasibility study in various aspects in marketing, techniques, management, financing, economic, impacts and other related aspects with emphasis on quantitative and qualitative approaches.

01206461      System Engineering                                                                     3(3-0-6)

Prerequisite: 01206221

Applications of life-cycle or concurrent engineering for system design for products, services, and management-based systems, a design process,   operational requirements, maintenance and support policies, design for system reliability, maintainability, logistic support, human factors, economic feasibility, produce-ability, and retirement, design management issues risk, and supply and consumerchain.

01206462     Logistics System Design and Management                                3(3-0-6)

Prerequisite: 01206321          

Analysis of the physical and non-physical flows for the supplier - producer - customer chain and for the functional units in a producer organization, understanding of system life-cycle, roles and importance of logistics, design and planning for implementing a logistic, ability to analyze logistic problems for corrective and preventive decision making.


          01206463      Enterprise Resources Planning                                                        3(3-0-6)

                   Prerequisite: 01206342 and01206361    

Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) as enterprise functions integrator. ERP system architecture, relationships with finantial and accounting. Applied production planning and control theory in information system. ERP life cycles including implementation, operation, and maintenance. Business process improvement using ERP. Enterprise performance measurement and management.

01206464      Supply Chain Management and Modeling                                       3(3-0-6)

Prerequisite:   01206321          

Elements of supply chain networks. Mathematical modeling and network problems. Distribution network design. Facility location and allocation problem. Forecasting techniques. Inventory and warehouse management. Sourcing decision problem. Transportation system design, Vehicle routing problem. Traveling salesman problem. Information technology management.


          01206471      Maintenance Engineering                                                   3(3-0-6)

Prerequisite: 01206221

Maintenance concepts, failure statistics and causes analysis, preventive maintenance system, planning and control of maintenance activities, spare parts controls, human resources for maintenance works, maintenance performance measurement and system appraisal for improvement.

01206472      Industrial Safety                                                                 3(3-0-6)

Prerequisite: 01206311 or01213215

Industrial safety laws, accident prevention techniques, relationship of safety designs to production efficiency, risk analysis, principles of industrial environmental control, safety management system and industrial psychology and first aid techniques.

01206490      Co-operative Education                                                       6       

On the job training as a temporary employee in order to get experiences from the assignment.

01206495       Industrial Engineering Project Preparation                                1(0-3-2)

    Preparation of project proposal, literature review, and progress report.


          01206496      Selected Topics in Industrial Engineering                                 1-3

Selected topics in industrial engineering at the bachelor’sdegree level. Topics are subject to change each semester.

01206497      Seminar                                                                           1                                                                                                                

Presentation and discussion on current interesting topics in industrial engineering at the bachelor’s degree level.

01206498      Special Problems                                                                 1-3

Study and research in industrial engineering at the bachelor’s degree level and compile in written reports.

01206499      Industrial Engineering Project                                                          2(0-6-3)


Projects of practical interest in various fields of industrial engineering.