Getting from Suvarnabhumi International Airport to Kasetsart University

Upon your arrival in Bangkok at Suvarnabhumi Airport (pronounced “Sou-wan-na-poom”), after you’ve passed through immigration/passport control and baggage retrieval, you have the option of taking either a taxi or the Airport Rail Link. Kasetsart University is located about 40km from the airport and taking a taxi along the expressway is your fastest and most convenient option.



Location: First floor

Take a ticket from the taxi queue and proceed to your taxi. The fare is charged according to the distance traveled, plus a surcharge of 50 Baht. If you use the expressway, you have to pay for the express toll fee.  Your total journey will cost between 300 and 400 baht, depending on the traffic conditions.
Note: In the case that a taxi driver refuses to turn on his meter and insists on a fixed fare, unless you feel  satisfactory with the fixed price, we advise you to get out immediately and note down his license plate. You can report him to the passenger hotline at phone no.1584. It is compulsory for a taxi driver to turn on his meter during all passenger trips within the Bangkok metropolitan area. A taxi driver’s refusal to comply will result in him being fined and suspended.


Airport Rail Link City Line

Location: Basement floor

The Airport rail Link runs regular trains from 6 a.m. to midnight.
The City Line stops at 7 stations along the way and costs 45 Baht. The estimated travel time is 30 minutes.
 You’ll end up at Phaya Thai station, which connects to the BTS (sky train) network. Take a BTS train to Mor Chit station (fare: 34 Baht). Exit at "Exit 1"  and find a Taxi to Kasetsart University (100-150 Baht).


BMTA Aircon Bus

Conversely, a final option is to take a public bus, departing from the Suvarnabhumi Public Transportation Center. Regular buses run between 4-5.00 am and midnight.

You should take Bus nr 555, which travels between Bangkok Airport and Rangsit. It drives north along Vibhavadi Road and passes Kasetsart University. The bus fare is 34 Baht.